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The classes and private sessions inspire opportunities for connection and self-compassion, instead of isolation. A TCTSY practice can become a space in which calm can replace anxiety, and hope and healing can replace feelings of being stuck or hopeless.

As a registered social worker (RSW), certified teacher (BEd), and experienced clinician, Nicola is pleased to be able to offer TCTSY in a variety of settings. Trauma Center-Trauma Sensitive Yoga classes are highly adaptable, and can be integrated into agencies, schools, treatment centres, yoga studios and more.

Class sizes are kept small, often no larger than 8 people, to maintain a safe space for individual experiences. Accessibility is an important part of TCTSY practice, and Nicola is able to meet clients where they are at; floor, chair, and low-impact movement sequences are all possibilities.

Classes are suited for many audiences including:

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Community groups, non-profits, and other organizations are invited to access TCTSY services.

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Agencies can bring in standalone or repeated sessions based on client needs.

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TCTSY can be a powerful modality for young people in educational settings.

Connect with Nicola to learn more about inviting Trauma Center-Trauma Sensitive Yoga classes into your world.