For those who have completed the 20-hr TCTSY training with Nicola, this is an opportunity to work together on integrating a trauma-informed lens into teaching or professional settings. Through collaboration, Nicola can help refine ideas, investigate best practices, and access resources. To engage in developing a mentorship plan, or to learn more, contact Nicola to coordinate a conversation.

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I met Nicola through a 20-hr TCTSY training that she was facilitating. Deeply inspired by the practice, I reached out to see if she could help me take steps forward, and we began a 1:1 mentorship program together. Our experience together has been nourishing, generous, informative and it has opened a new chapter in my life towards my own identity. I feel blessed to be on this journey with her, as she holds space for my growth, goes with the flow of changes, provides real feedback & resources, and offers compassionate guidance. We have been doing sessions over the phone and internet - and she created time to see me when she was in my area. I am excited to deliver this practice in our community with confidence, as well as continue to understand the deeper capacities of healing. Nicola, thank you for being you!
— Mentorship participant