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“I changed in ways I can't even describe but I do know that the work I have done with you has been instrumental in my transformation. I did a lot of work to get to where I could work with you but somehow this part of the journey has been more full of joy because it is me finding light and wholeness”

-TCTSY Private Session Participant


A TCTSY session is based on experiencing breath and movement, and can last 30 minutes to one hour. These services can be offered online to support to access if restricted by geography or can be done in person.  No physical assists are given, and participants are invited into a journey of discovery — a relationship with both their bodies and the present moment is nurtured by being offered choices throughout.

Individuals may self-refer, or access a referral through a clinician, counselor, or therapist. TCTSY sessions are designed to be accessible for anyone, whether they are deepening an existing practice, or establishing one for the first time.

Nicola is a registered social worker (RSW) which qualifies for coverage under some insurance packages.

Connect with Nicola to learn more about inviting private Trauma Center-Trauma Sensitive Yoga sessions into your world.