Peacebuilding from Within:
Trauma Center-Trauma Sensitive Yoga Training


The training scheduled for December 2019, has been rescheduled for the spring of 2020. Please subscribe to the newsletter, keep an eye on the facebook page events or check back on this website for the scheduling of the spring dates!


Curiosity…no yoga certification required.

* Please note this training is the pre-requisite required to apply for the 300-hr TCTSY Certification Program with the Trauma Center.

The spring training 2020 will take place at the YWCA Banff Hotel at 102 Spray Ave, Banff, AB in The Great Room.  It’s located on the Bow River with easy access to walking trails and beautiful views of the mountains with natural light streaming through the large windows.  As a registered participant, access a 10% discount for accommodation at the YWCA Banff Hotel.

Registration is currently NOT OPEN

Banff, Alberta - Trauma Centre-Trauma Sensitive Yoga Training December
from 380.00

We are offering a self-determined way to invest in the training. The scale is based on your self-determined access to financial resources, privilege, & social capital. In your self-determination, please consider your positionality of privilege. You are encouraged to self-assess the amount you can afford to pay for the training based on your on aspects of your identity that do, or do not, grant you privilege to social capital e.g. race, gender & sexual identity, socio-economic status, educational background, able-bodied-ness, etc.

Tuition Investment:
Abundant Access to Financial Resources: $440
Sufficient Access to Financial Resources: $410
Limited Access to Financial Resources: $380
*The value of the training is $440

Financial Opportunities:
*If providing a lump sum payment is not accessible for you at this time, payment plans are available. Please contact Nicola with your payment plan - all payments must be received prior to the course start date.
*One work-study opportunity available that supports accessing a 50% discount.
*One scholarship available for 50% of total cost.

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