Trauma Sensitive Yoga West Peacebuilding from Within

Foundational Training Outline


Create a safe and compassionate space to support wellness through learning, connection, and empowerment.


To develop participants trauma informed lens through:

  • Exploring the historical context of trauma being stored in the body

  • Unpacking the principles of trauma and neuroscience

  • Fostering capacity to offer invitational and inquiry based language

  • Navigating how to create a safe space

To provide a foundation for trauma-informed movement practice by:

  • Providing an embodied opportunity to practice in this modality

  • Offering space for opportunities for practice teach

  • Facilitating large and small group discussions around nuances of practice.


This is a 20 hour workshop with 15 contact hours. The additional hours are accumulated through recommended pre-course reading and homework assignments.


Theory, Principles & Practice:

  • Understanding Stress, Chronic Stress, and Trauma

  • Theoretical Underpinnings of TCTSY Trauma Theory

  • Attachment Theory

  • Neuroscience of Trauma

  • TCTSY Methodology: Domains of a TCTSY practice

  • Therapeutic Themes of TCTSY

  • Trauma Sensitive Breath

  • Research Studies

Practice and Discussions:

  • Space will be made for large and small group discussions and experiential exercises. There will also be time for small group practice-teach sessions to engage with the methodology

  • Participants can expect several opportunities to engage in a trauma sensitive yoga practice to support integration and embodiment of this modality.

This workshop can be adapted to support diverse contexts and professional needs.

For more information, contact Nicola or check out the Frequently asked questions.