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 Sunday November 3 – Saturday November 10, 2019

 * Includes 2 nights accommodation in Durban and 5 nights and 6 days in iMfolozi Game Reserve.


iMfolozi Game Reserve, South Africa

* Fly into Durban International Airport

The Journey.

 This is not a hike.  It is not a safari. It is not an endurance test.  

It is an authentic African wilderness experience.

It is rustic and restful.

It is a once in a lifetime journey.

This walking adventure might be difficult to articulate as we invite you to consider deepening your connection to the natural world, re-wilding your instincts.  Spend 6 days and 5 nights living beneath the sun and stars in the oldest wilderness reserve in Africa – where there are no roads or infrastructure, only animal trails – orienting towards a trauma-informed relationship with the land.  

Embrace an opportunity to return to your natural habit; your body’s rhythm as it moves through the landscape and witnesses animals, your breath as it synchronizes in pace with it’s surroundings, your energy integrating with the vast African wild.

Unplug to embody being human, allowing the constraints of modern life to fall away as we walk.  As a group, we will slow down together to engage with the simple patterns of life.


Let go of the destination in reverence to the journey.  

Rise with the sun.  

Keep fire watch with the stars.  

Navigate the days reading stories in the sand.

Build a new relationship with time within the immensity of Africa and its wildlife.  


Your Facilitators:

Nicola Mosley was born in South Africa and has been a Facilitator of transformative wilderness journeys instructing with Outward Bound for 20 years.  Living in Canada, she developed her skills to ensure safety during wilderness programs as a first aid instructor for Wilderness Medical Associates.  As a professional educator and registered social worker, Nicola integrates trauma-informed movement practices into group experiences to support present moment experiences.  She continues to apply her passion for learning through ongoing studies with Stephen Jenkinson and rites of passage with the School of Lost Borders.  You can trust she will carry her depth of experience to support an integrated journey to living an embodied life.

Roy Ashton is a Wilderness Guide who has lived and worked on 4 continents, including time spent with tropical African hunter-gatherers and Kalahari bushmen. After graduating from the University of Cambridge and gaining an MA in Environmental Leadership at Naropa University, he trained as a holistic naturalist at the Wilderness Awareness School in USA, practising nature awareness, survival skills and tracking. He now focuses on facilitating transformative processes in nature, through guiding youth rites of passage and adult wilderness trails and workshops. He is also a Zen Coach.  Roy is trained not just to support your safety, but also to offer you deep, meaningful insight into Africa and the wilderness area.

Some Logistics:

We are excited to offer this experience in partnership with a program that was founded in over 60 years ago as the first non-profit organisation in Africa dedicated to providing a pure wilderness experience for people of all backgrounds, races and nationalities.  With the mission to support people to return to their roots through following animal trails on-foot in one of the oldest protected areas in Southern Africa, this opportunity to collaborate with the South African Wilderness Leadership School which supports an experience of a life time with a safe, reliable, and well respected organization that prioritizes people’s growth and development as well as, conservation of the land and animals.  Based in Durban, South Africa - this is where we will come together to begin our journey.

The drive from Durban to the wilderness areas takes about 4 hours.  On arrival at iMfolozi, we will leave the vehicles and modern devices to begin traveling by foot for the rest of our journey. Returning to simple living, we will carry all that we need - possessions, provisions and food - for the duration of our walk. Often people have an experience of empowerment traveling over the land using your own energy, not relying on any other means of transport or facility.

We choose places to camp based on their beauty and practicality, often spaces where we can sit and watch the land and animals going about their lives.  We also camp near water to ensure access to a water supply.

Being in the oldest wilderness nature reserve in Africa, we camp with minimum impact, following a leave-no-trace practice, using only ground sheets and sleeping bags. If it rains, we might use some tarps.  Let go of the destination in reverence to the journey, depending on the weather, the animals and the group, we might walk through the wilderness to camp in different places each night, or we might move camp less frequently.


Night watch is a memorable part of every trail experience. This is when each person stands watch during the night for an hour or so to ensure the safety of those sleeping and to check animal movement near the camp. This can be special time to reflect on the journey, your life, and where you are going with the company of fire and the star lit night.  This, combined with taking responsibility for the wellness of those sleeping, offers a powerful experience. Many people reflect on memories of night watch and how it changed their lives.

For many, this experience holds the possibility of opening deep insight about yourself and the collective - reconnecting with nature at such a profound level can change the way we witness the modern world, and the way we might walk within it.

The following considerations are provided by the Wilderness Leadership School:

  • All camping equipment including ground sheets, foam mattress, sleeping 
bags and backpacks, cooking utensils, eating utensils, spade, water 
containers etc...

Food: Three meals a day are provided and we try to cater for all dietary requirements. (The guides prepare simple and tasty trail meals and try to
cater for all dietary requirements) 

  • A basic first aid kit. 

  • Transport from a designated meeting place to the wilderness area. 

  • Comprehensive emergency evacuation


Early bird investment until Sunday July 14, 2019 -


* Flights not included in cost.

* Does include food, transport during the program, accommodation, and equipment.

*Payment Plans available.

Investment starting Monday July 15, 2019 -


* Flights not included in cost.

* Does include food, transport during the program, accommodation, and equipment.

*Payment Plans available.


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Early bird investment until Sunday July 14, 2019 - $2820

Investment starting Monday July 15, 2019 - $3100

* Flights not included in cost.

* Does include food, transport during the program, accommodation, and equipment.

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